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P&G CEO Challenge


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We welcome you to the P&G CEO Challenge: A competition which will test your aptitude for business strategy and real-life problem-solving. If you’ve been eager to demonstrate your ingenuity and  intelligence beyond your campus, this is the chance to make an impression on a global scale.

Prepare to compete with teams from around the world to see who is most fit to be the next CEO of P&G. Top students will ascend to the Global Final in Mexico City and win the opportunity to meet P&G CEO David Taylor. First, prepare to showcase your ability to think critically about leading a brand. Best of luck!



  • Win an all-expenses paid trip to the location of the Regional Finals and compete for a place at the Global Final in Mexico City.
  • Meet students from around the world and network with leaders from P&G.
  • Official winners will be invited to our Signal event at our Cincinnati headquarters. Join executives, founders, and industry disruptors at our most exciting event of the year!



  • Gather your crew with diverse backgrounds and sign up
  • Rock the online case study and win the national round
  • Take on the top performers from your region
  • Earn your spot in the Global Final in Mexico City
  • Win & meet with CEOs from the biggest companies at P&G Signal Conference


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    Ahmet Mürsel UZ
    Anadolu Üniversitesi

    Very Good program. my country company no good jobs.

  2. P&G CEO Challenge - User Image
    İnönü Üniversitesi

    Hello, I am a 3rd year computer engineering student at İnönü University. As a Technical Support Specialist for 11 months, I gained experience in an information technology company. I am a personality with high energy, problem solving, adaptability, determined, eager to learn, open to innovations, development-oriented, a good team player and analytical skills. I would love to be involved in programs that will add good work to myself and the institution I work for, I can share my CV if you wish.

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