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Do the Most Meaningful Work of Your Career

At Facebook, we’re bringing the world closer together. But we’re just getting started—as we like to say, the journey is just 1% finished. Join us to begin your own.

Facebook Interns

World-class mentors, our open culture and opportunities to make a real impact are just a few reasons why our intern program was ranked #1 by Glassdoor two years in a row. Discover for yourself what makes interning at Facebook the ultimate learning experience.

  • You'll be paired with a 1:1 mentor, receive support from your manager and have access to the entire Facebook employee community to ensure your success.
  • Whether you're graduating and seeking a full-time position after your internship, or hoping to return for another internship next year, you'll be considered for a returning offer during your internship.
  • We’ll help you have fun outside of work with outings to sporting events, community service opportunities, networking events with Facebook leaders and other activities.
  • You'll hit the ground running—most interns ship code or contribute to real-world projects in their first week.
  • In addition to the benefits full-time employees enjoy, you'll receive housing assistance for the duration of your internship.


Facebook University

Facebook University is a hands-on, immersive program that enables students from underrepresented communities to get to know Facebook’s people, products and services.

University Grads

Start your career by doing something meaningful. You'll hit the ground running, learn from the best in the industry and build products for billions of people around the world. There's no limit to the impact you can make at Facebook.

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Company Images

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    Ahmet Bostancıklıoğlu
    Gaziantep Üniversitesi

    Long term obligatory intern application Hi I am highly motivated and self-educated an iOS, swift, developer I want to do a long-term, 4-month compulsory internship as an iOS developer, which will start in September. In internship time for compulsory internship my insurance will be paid by my university engineering department. In internships I don't wait any payment my aim is taking place in a project in which finding a chance to improve myself.

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