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We started the #seninleyiz for the young people affected by the earthquake to continue their business life and participate in employment. [TR]
Commencis Future Commencer Summer Internship Program


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Talent Program Details

Join us as we pave the way for a thriving digital society. We are Commencis!

Commencis helps leading brands grow and scale in digital, powered by its big data, analytics and cloud products.

Bringing together more than 20 years of experience in the world of digital, design and technology, we transform businesses to thrive and stay relevant in a demanding digital world.

We enable our clients to design and build digital experiences, create stronger and more meaningful relationships with their customers, and bring agility and scalability to their businesses. We love to discover what’s next. We love creating new ways for the digital society to interact. Our workplace values collaboration and curiosity with an open mindset. If you share the same passion with our fellow Commencers, then let us unleash your world-class potential!


Are you ready to be a Future Commencer?

Our internship program is heavily-based on practice, but we’ve got you covered with a curated learning path which includes several courses and trainings according to the theme of each week. You’ll involve team meetings and activities to observe how it’s like to be a designer in Commencis.

What to Expect?

  • Gain experience in a specific area necessary to your desired career path,
  • Have a chance to work on a project that will boost your resume and portfolio,
  • Be a part of our design team for educational, inspirational and supportive purposes,
  • Observe our working environment, achievements and obstacles on a daily basis,
  • Create a valuable network before getting started to your career as a designer,
  • Learn from pioneers of the ecosystem -and hey, get paid!

Bonus: An opportunity for turning into an entry level hire -being a Commencer.

Characteristics of a Future Commencer

  • Being a solid team player, participating in research, ideation and conceptual design activities,
  • Willing to gain new skills, ask questions and embrace feedbacks,
  • Comfortable using Figma or relevant design software tools for wireframing, designing and prototyping,
  • A creative mind with knowledge in user experience, interface and interaction design,
  • Positive attitude and strong communication skills.
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    Tuğba Şanyılmaz
    İstanbul Üniversitesi

    Hello there, I'm Tugba Sanyilmaz. I was born in 1992. I graduated from Istanbul University Public Relations and Advertising. For a long time, I was interested in the operational and social media management of companies. Now I want to deal with purely digital and interaction designs. I know Adobe programs and Figma at an intermediate level. I ask you for the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity. Kind regards,

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