Customer Success Associate


Job Description

• Advanced in English (Writing & Speaking),

• Having knowledge in strategy development, planning and creating roadmaps,

• Having strong communication skills, passionate about developing work, proactive and high persuasive ability,

• Being self-confident in business responsibility and prone to teamwork



  • Empathize with customers, translate their concerns calmly and competently and translate to others
  • Having presentation and representation skills,
  • Identifying and understanding customers trends
  • Creating a manageable success plan with the customer,
  • Having to represent the interests and requests of customers appropriately and accurately throughout the company and to create a strategy with the development team with these requests,
  • Identifying key performance indicators (KPI) and correlating them with team and company goals,
  • Identifying and creating customer experience strategies that will positively return to the company,
  • Collecting all data coming from customer feedback to add solution suggestions and report them.


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