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ATU Duty Free Young Talent Program

ATU Duty Free

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Yetenek Programı Detayları

What is ATU Duty Free "Young Talent Program" and what are the details?

Young Talent Program is a program where you can take the first step in your career journey, find the opportunity to develop yourself at ATU Duty Free and work in different departments in accordance with your competencies and education.

Through Young Talent Program, you will have the opportunity to gain experience in one of the Information Systems (IT), Business Application & Solutions (SAP), Finance and Accounting, Commercial , Supply Chain and Human Resources (HR) teams.


  • Which qualifications should you have in order to be on the Young Talent Program?
  • Bachelor’s / Master’s degree from reputable university or Master's degree student,
  • Advanced written and spoken English (French or German is also preferred),
  • Internship experience or having volunteered in projects is a plus,
  • Passion and interest in adding value to projects and new ideas,
  • Strong Computer Skills, e.g. Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint,
  • Highly agile learner with a solution-based mindset,
  • Proactive, passionate, keen to learn and be a team player.

If you think you have these qualifications, we are waiting for your application to our Young Talent Program!


What awaits you in Young Talent Program?

  • Get to know the corporate culture of ATU Duty Free with the orientation program,
  • Meet the training programs you may need,
  • Experience working with different departments and managers,
  • Surveys and feedback meetings to evaluate their development,
  • Build extensive experience of operations,
  • Gain specific knowledge by working cross-functional,
  • Participate in social responsibility projects,
  • Develop personally and professionally by making use of a range of opportunities.

Recruitment Steps

  • Online Application
  • Evaluation Process (Online Video Interview, English Test & General Aptitude and Personality inventory test)
  • Face-to-Face Interview
  • Case Study
  • Offer Process
  • Sending Information E-mails To All Candidates About Their Applications

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