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Network & Security Intern


Hello Everyone,

Roksit aims to ensure the safety of its customers and users. Roksit focused his security perspective on DNS security. They develop an attack method for each new system, application, protocol and method. All attacks basically need the DNS protocol. 360 degree full security over DNS will help protect corporate systems. Again, instantly monitoring and interpreting DNS traffic will be very effective in stopping attacks without delay. Therefore, Roksit works on various projects in the fields of network & security with its strong engineer team.

If you want to improve yourself in the fields of network and security, work with customers, writing for our job and improving business, welcome to the club! Most importantly, work with our CEO who has founded this business and has mastered everything.

Job Description

You'll be working directly with our CEO! Our location is in Turkey! But our CEO lives in the UK. Each meeting will be online, so we will have the opportunity to do online internships. Also, If you’d like to go to the office, you can!

We can organize training sessions if you share what you need to learn. In addition, you will learn everything about cyber security & Networking services. :)

We will ask for your support in the areas of meeting with customers, writing blogs. In addition, you will experience the product, the artificial intelligence to the network & security area will be explained by our CEO, and also develop business together. 

We have a family-friendly working environment. 


  • Must have a blog or mailing writing about our product for customers (we believe If you won't write what you learn and If one person won't understand what you've tryin to say, not important how much you feel that you've learned.)
  • Participating in the marketing team and gaining experience in marketing products 
  • Will work with customers
  • Willing to experience the product
  • Willing to learn artificial intelligence to the network & security 


  • Want to gain experience in cyber security 
  • Studying Computer Engineering & Electrical Electronics Engineering
  • Must * Knowing English - Knowing Turkish (or different languages)
  • Wanting to gain experience in a project related to network & security
  • Being responsible
  • Adapting to the online working process

In addition;

  • blogging
  • Creating Ideas 
  • Willing to learn 
  • Strong communication skills
  • Wanting to learn product, marketing and more!



  • Online trainings about cyber security, network & security (from developers, marketing and directly from our CEO)
  • Education and learning at every step while working
  • Internship opportunity in an international company
  • Developing a foreign language
  • Improving teamwork
  • Gaining experience in project management

Recruitment Steps

  1. CV Scanning
  2. Online Interview
  3. Interview Results (will shared a case)
  4. Mini Workshop + case review
  5. Positive - Negative Feedback (by Mail or phone)
  6. Team involvement and orientation
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