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BAT - Who we are ?

As BAT, we are building A Better Tomorrow™ in line with our ETHOS values and purpose. 

 We offer our employees an inclusive, engaging culture and innovative working environment. We do not only respond to constant changes but we lead the change by big innovations, by a learning culture that is dedicated to continuous improvement. 

We are a leading global multi-category consumer goods company with over 200 international brands and a diverse workforce of more than 52.000 BAT people spread across six cont...

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Big Size
10.000+ Employees

BAT Turkey

Our story in Turkey started in 2002. We have made our way through successful milestones and expanded our business over time. AS BAT Turkey, we are leading Turkey, Caucasus and Northern Cyprus Cluster. We are on our transformation journey of ‘A Better Tomorrow™’ vision, with the promise of Be the Change. Whatever our roles are, we know that we do play a crucial part in key business breakthroughs, helping us bringing this vision to life. 

Work on the World Stage

We are a global business with global opportunities in six continents in the world. Working at BAT means acting on the World Stage, ever-widening the scope and the scale of opportunities in our career journeys. We know that we are a big family with more than 52.000 BAT people all around the world, all eager to take responsibility beyond borders for A Better Tomorrow.

We touch the lives of millions of consumers every day, in almost every part of the planet. We do work on wide – ranging projects with borderless teams and create and develo...

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BAT Global Graduate Programme

BAT is a borderless business and, wherever we are, we do operate as one team. Right now, our business is going through one of its biggest transformations, becoming more innovative and sustainable than ever before. Are you looking for a career where you will be a part of a global network that shares curiosity and ambition? 

Take an inspiring journey in BAT’s one-year Global Graduate Programme with a world-class learning opportunity and a real work from day one. Straight away, you will connect with peers and senior colleagues from a...

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BATTERY Internship Programme

Our Battery Internship Programme is unique with a hands-on work experience from day one, and an abundance of learning and development opportunities in an inclusive environment. We are looking for colleagues that are ready to take on responsibility and bring new ideas and perspectives to our business.

During this internship, you will be able to work wi...

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What kind of person is a BAT person ?

Collaboration, diversity, and teamwork underpin everything we do here at BAT. These qualities make us strong and help us to deliver industry-leading products to the market. Our people embrace this collaboration and diversity to help develop each other and lead our transformation. Their passion, courage, and drive to succeed make us who we are. We are BAT people ready to bring our uniqueness and ready to lead the change. We are BAT People, a brand of culture on the world stage.  


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Alper Yüce, General Manager of Turkey, Caucasus and Northern Cyprus

Alper started his BAT journey as Regional Manager after graduating from Istanbul University, Department of Business Administration. During his 19-year BAT career, he undertook many important roles in Turkey and abroad. He played a crucial role in Indonesia, Japan and South Korea’s success. He continues his BAT journey as the General Manager of BAT Turkey, Caucasus and Northern Cyprus after successful projects abroad. Alper advises young talents at the beginning of their careers to be open to innovations and different experiences to be successful.

Güliz Dalaman Yakmacı, HR Director of Turkey, Caucasus, and Northern Cyprus

Güliz initiated her career as the Human Resources Coordinator in BAT Turkey after graduating from the Business Administration at Bogazici University. She led many critical strategic projects and undertook various responsibilities in the Human Resources Department. After undertaking many crucial positions for 18 years on her BAT journey, she continues her career as the HR Director of Turkey, Caucasus, and Northern Cyprus. Güliz believes the key to success comes from striving to learn, adopting challenges as learning opportunities, and being open to new experiences.

Fevzi Arınç Sayıl, Marketing Technology Analyst

I joined BAT Turkey as a long-term Global Business Services intern. After my internship period, I had the opportunity to work in London, Globe House right before I started the Global Graduate Programme in January 2021. The inclusive environment and welcoming atmosphere here in BAT made everything easier in terms of starting my very first full-time job experience. After that I continued to be a part of BAT as a Global Graduate, we had the privilege to attend the Global Graduate Academy Training with other Global Graduates across the world. In this training program we learned about all the functions in a broader perspective, engaged with global senior leaders and took part in various global projects. Apart from Global Graduate Academy, I also had the chance to participate in lots of insightful trainings and met many bright people who inspired me with their creativity and and ambition.

Gamze Tüfekçi, Senior Sourcing Manager, BAT Northern Western Europe Area

My BAT journey started in 2012 as a Sourcing Coordinator in the Turkey Procurement Department. During the first 7 years, I had the opportunity to work closely with the Global team in international projects and always felt the team spirit of being "One Team”. I was relocated to BAT Head Office in the UK, London in 2019 as a Senior Sourcing Manager. Since then, I have been working with colleagues from all around the globe, acquiring fantastic experiences, and learning a great deal from BAT Leaders. My aspirations were realized thanks to BAT! Not only did I get the opportunity, but many of my BAT colleagues did as well. Some are still with me in London, while others have gone to various BAT organizations worldwide. I've always been happy to be a member of such a large family!

Elçin Kayaçetin, Global Returner - Senior HR Business Partner

I had to take the tough decision to leave the BAT HR Team 3 years ago upon the birth of my second child. Thanks to the BAT Global Returner Programme –a programme designed to offer an opportunity to individuals who had to take a break from business life for more than 1.5 years— I was able to return to work as a Senior HR Business Partner at BAT Turkey HR. BAT means diversity and inclusion to me. Individuals from different cultures, sectors, and fields bring their own unique experiences and perspectives to the table, express their ideas freely, and create a culture in which results are always more creative and effective. BAT respects the values of its employees and allows them to add value through their differences.

Ömer Faruk Us, HR Executive

I joined BAT in 2016 as Treasury Analyst. After 10 years experience in finance, including 4.5 years in BAT Treasury Department, I moved to HR Department in 2020 as HR Executive. What excites me most in BAT is, we encourage people to Be The Change. We always create opportunities for our employees to bring their differences and make positive impacts on our business. This inspires them to unleash their potential and maximize their creativity. Everyone at BAT has a role to play in the next chapter of our company: To do our best work every day and build A Better Tomorrow™.

Sıla Bozkurt, Brand Manager

My career in BAT has started in 2020 as a Marketing Global Graduate. I was assigned to a Junior Brand Manager role through one-year management trainee program providing a foundation for functional and leadership skills development and completed with a graduation academy including 3 weeks of trainings and sessions. I successfully finished the program and continued my career as Junior Brand Manager. I had the chance to lead different projects in many countries. Then, I got promoted to my role as Brand Manager for New Categories after a year of hard work as a Junior Brand Manager. Understanding different market insights, analyzing market trends, deciding on the perfect mix, checking if your goals make sense financially and managing all stakeholders from an international scope improved my professional abilities while challenging my limits. I am grateful to have the chance to be a part of this family where every person brings his/her difference and is ready to lead the change.

Gamze Tarım, Global Organisation Effectiveness Manager

My first role in BAT Turkey was HR Business Partner. After 10 years, I’m still here, based in London and get inspired every day with BAT’s inclusive work environment, learning opportunities and transformation pursuit. My daily routine is collaborating with colleagues from China to USA, bring bold ideas for A Better Tomorrow™ and adding new value with my authentic self. If I could go back to my first day at BAT, I would tell my younger self “keep it simple, say yes to change, ask right questions and be resilient. These will help you to achieve success beyond your dreams.

Eda Köseoğlu, Junior Brand Manager

I joined BAT as a Marketing Global Graduate in 2020. I’m working in the Marketing department for Northern Cyprus market. Being part of such a global organization excites me each and every day. I had the opportunity to work with teams from different regions, areas and end markets. I felt the true responsibility from day one, since the beginning of my career. All these keep me motivated for my role in BAT.