Business Development Intern yes .guru not .com :) What is SorGuru?

SorGuru is an online platform where you can get personalized counseling/courses from expert mentors through live 1:1 and group sessions, established to answer people's questions from different fields and find solutions to their problems.

We believe that everything starts with a question!

Job Description

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, remote working principles will be applied until otherwise stated. 

We are counting the days to be able to work with you in our office very soon!


In our categories that are growing day by day;

  • will be the bridge between the gurus and our platform,
  • will support the creation of category-based strategies,
  • Participating in category-based market research and competitor analysis,
  • Prepare category-based reports,
  • Contribute to the daily goals of our business development and operations team,

In short, we are looking for teammates who will support the relevant category from its birth to development with us!


We don't like sentences that start with " those who are studying in the faculties of economics and Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Education, Communication, Literature, Fine Arts etc. in universities!

As the SorGuru family, our first priority is not what you read :) How eager are you? How ambitious are you? And how much do you want to improve yourself? That's all we care about! It doesn't matter if you are in the 1st or 2nd year of the university, our door is open to everyone :)


Experience or showing your potential? Which do you think is more important? What if we said we know a place where you can win one and show the other? Don't you want to be a partner in the success story of a platform? And by taking great responsibility from the very beginning to the end of the process.

-Having a direct access to our amazing Guru network

Recruitment Steps

  1. CV Analysis
  2. Online Interview
  3. Case Analysis
  4. Final Online Interview
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