Communications and Patient Relations Longterm Internship

A Longterm internship program at Communications & Patient Relations Department Novartis.

Job Description

What do we expect? What impact will you make?

  • Manages effective agency partnerships,
  • Supports marketing team to create and deliver operational plans appropriate to life cycle of brand,
  • Identifies country-specific insights using market research, competitive intelligence, and understanding of disease areas,
  • Implements portfolio tools, e.g. category sales aids, digital platforms and brings innovative ideas about digitalization,
  • Leads development and delivery of key promotional campaign materials from insights to review, production and implementation.
  • Able to commit to working at least 4 days per week during 1 year,


8 amazing reasons why we work at Novartis: 

1. We celebrate our success all together and we work hard while having fun.

2. We learn from each other each moment!

3.We have flexible working options: We don't have to come to office on Wednesdays! We choose our own work location.

4.On Fridays we leave the company at 15:00 so that we can enjoy our weekend.

5. In head office, we enjoy wearing jeans and sneakers everyday of week.

6. We spend more pleasant working hours at Starbucks in our head office.

7. We benefit from our hobby clubs, in-house hairdresser, and so  many corporate company discounts. Moreover, freely member of a Gym in Kavacık, near by our head office.

8. Our young talents mentoring the executives!

About Us

Novartis is a global pharmaceutical company, centered in Switzerland. It has approximately 119.000 employees all over the world. Novartis and its predecessor companies trace roots back more than 250 years, with a rich history of developing innovative products. Our products are available in 155 countries and we touched 927 million lives with our products in 2017.

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