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A Happiness Team which care about, solely work for your happiness… In other words +1 happiness!

A healthy life with a permanent sports trainer, fitness center and a quality life consultant… In other words +1 health!

If qualifications and basic functions we are looking for suit you, then come and Join DeFacto, come and bring +1 value to your life as well as ours and let’s Sprint to Future together!

Job Description


Do you want to be a part of DeFacto E-Commerce team and to direct your career in the field of E-Commerce?

So, this program will provide you a great foundation for your future career.

Now it is the time to maximize your potential by joining DeFacto Talent Up E-Com 2 Program.


  • Who Can Join the Program?

If you are graduated from the university as of 2020, if you are a Master student or have a work experience of up to 1 year in E-Commerce, if you can speak English and if you have Excel skills, you.can join the DeFacto Talent Up E-Com 2 Program.


  • Which Departments Can Apply?

Graduates from International Relations, Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Management Engineering and Industrial Engineering.


What We Offer You?

  • Job Opportunity in E-Commerce Team

You will have the opportunity to be a part of our E-Commerce Operation teams that are used up-to-date resources and to constantly increase and progress in the path of local or global career.

  • Technical and Competency Development Trainings

You will be able to develop your technical and social skills and maximize your potential thanks to 1 year of intensive Training & Development Program that provides comprehensive preparation for business life.

  • Project Studies

You will work with the brightest and most creative people in the field of E-Commerce by taking part in the project studies that include technical and personal development trainings.

  • Feedback Sessions

You will have the opportunity to develop continuously yourself with feedback sessions that willcontinue with coaches and mentors throughout the program


Application Deadline: 31st of August

Kısaca Biz

2003 yılında kurulan ve 2005 yılında ilk mağazasını açan DeFacto, 14 yıl gibi kısa bir zamanda Türkiye’de hazır giyim ve moda sektörünün lider markaları arasında yerini almıştır. DeFacto bugün 30 ülkede 500’den fazla mağazası ve 14.000 çalışanıyla global operasyonlarını yürütmektedir. Defacto bugün yurtdışında Balkanlar, Ortadoğu ve Kuzey Afrikai Bağımsız Devletler Topluluğu ve Asya Pasifik Bölgesi’nde yer alan 500’den fazla mağazasıyla hızla büyümeye devam etmektedir.

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