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Enerjisa Enerji

Finance & Legal X

Enerjisa Enerji - Finance & Legal X

Who we are

Join the Future of Energy with Enerjisa!

At Enerjisa, we are working for pioneering and driving energy transition for a better future. As Türkiye's agile and innovative energy leader, we are committed to accelerating sustainable energy transformation through cutting-edge infrastructure and services.

We are driven by our core values: sincerity, passion, courage, continuous development, and inclusion. We believe in the power of diversity and the strength it brings to our team. At Enerjisa, we ensure every candidate is evaluated fairly and without prejudice.

In all our processes, we adopt an equal opportunity approach, and place our focus on diversity and inclusion. We do not tolerate any discrimination against our employees, customers, and other stakeholders in terms of language, religion, nationality, race, ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, health, disability status, political opinion, union memberships or similar reasons.

What about being a part of our energy?

Job Description

Introducing Finance & Legal X!

Finance & Legal X is a Management Trainee program designed to shape the future leaders of the energy sector. If you’re passionate about finance or corporate legal, this is your gateway to an exciting and impactful career.

Leading the charge in the energy sector, we are committed to advancing digitalization, infusing our business processes with the technological innovations to enhance efficiency and achieve unparalleled results.

What’s in it for you as a Finance & Legal X:

  • Rotation Program - Our program offers a unique rotational experience spanning 15 months, allowing participants to delve into various facets of finance and legal departments. Accelerate your career by navigating through rotational assignments that provide a holistic view of our operations. Through structured rotations, participants will:
    • Explore Diversity: Gain exposure to different finance sub-functions and corporate legal areas, expanding their knowledge base and skill set.
    • Drive Development: Assess their progress after each rotation, receiving tailored feedback to enhance their capabilities and leadership potential.
    • Gain Hands-On Experience: Engage in practical assignments and strategic projects.
  • Orientation Program – Experience our dynamic and immersive Metaverse orientation.
  • Talent Development Programs – Enhance your skills with tailored technical and power skill training.
  • Inspiring Meetings – Engage with C-Level executives, and dive deep into the energy sector with exclusive webinars.

Step into the future with Enerjisa and experience the future of business operations with our advanced digital solutions, bringing unprecedented innovation and stability.


What we expect

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Economics, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Law or relevant fields,
  • Fresh graduate (2024 summer) or 1-3 years of experience in related business units,
  • Willing to make a career in Finance or Corporate Legal departments and working with different business units,
  • Proficient in spoken and written English,
  • Ability to work in İstanbul or Ankara,
  • Team players with strong problem-solving skills and a visionary mindset,
  • Willingness to travel frequently.


Privileges of being a Finance & Legal X

  • Hybrid work model with flexible working hours supported by ergonomics and communication,
  • Extensive private health, and life insurances & company-supported Private Pension Insurance,
  • Inter-departmental rotation process,
  • Training & development schedule supporting both personal and professional competencies,
  • Leave package including 5-Day Welcome Leave, Birthday and Extended Parental Leaves,
  • Employee Support and Counseling Practice Resources (Studio Live, Avita)

How your recruitment process will proceed

  • Online Application
  • Competency Inventory and English Test
  • Video Interview
  • Ideathon
  • Learning Agility Test
  • People & Culture and Business Unit Interview

Are you ready to power the future? Apply now and become a part of Enerjisa’s innovative and inclusive team. Let’s create a sustainable energy world together!

Enerjisa Enerji olarak;

Enerjisa Enerji olarak; etki odaklı bir sürdürülebilirlik yaklaşımı ile Türkiye’nin enerji dönüşümüne öncülük ediyor elektrik dağıtım, perakende satış ve müşteri çözümlerinden oluşan üç ana iş kolumuzu operasyonel mükemmellik odaklı yürütüyoruz. 14 ilde 10.6 milyon müşteriye ulaşarak yaklaşık 22.1 milyonu aşkın kullanıcıya hizmet veriyoruz.

Tüm canlıların yaşam hakkına duyduğumuz saygı ile hizmetlerimizin ve ürünlerimizin etkilerine...

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