Normod was founded in 2018 as a digitally native furniture brand in order to design modern living experiences. We believe customer experience is a significant development opportunity for furniture buesiness and design our products accordingly. We try to innovate all areas where we touch customers; such as production, logistics, marketing, sales, after sales.

We are looking for an analytical teammate.

A short video explaining our business model:

Job Description

Normod is a fast growing furniture start-up. We try to avoid specific job descriptions due to fast changing environment. The team is experienced at production, digital retail and entrepreneurship. We are learning product design. 


Our main expectations from this role are:

  • Content and order management at B2B platforms
  • Content and order management at B2C platforms
  • Involvement in customer service and daily operations


Entrepreneurship, analytical thinking, product development, focus on core values, scalability... These are our main concerns. What we look for:

  • Desire to experience a bootstrapping environment
  • Eagerness to learn new tools, such as Excel, Photoshop, Shopify
  • Being able to work remotely when necessary (i.e. once a week)
  • At least 3 week days, in total 4 days
  • At least 6 months
  • Being able to carry out very basic tasks when necessary (cargo management, fabric sample preparation etc.)
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