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Détails du programme de talents

Data & Analytics Challenge 

Applications are open for last year students of related undergraduate programs and for new graduates, who are interested in Data Analytics and want to pursue a prestigious career.  

Be Part of Our Story 

The winners will have the chance to join KPMG D&A team. 


HR Evaluation 

You can apply before March 9th. Applications will be evaluated by our HR team and online exams will be delivered to eligible applicants. You need to complete those examinations in the given time.  

Semi Final – Online Quiz 

There will be an Online Quiz waiting for you. Our aim is to measure your knowledge and skills in the areas such as statistical modelling, R and Python. The Online Quiz link will be shared with you on March 16th, 8 pm. The quiz will consist of 15 questions with the combination of open-ended, right-wrong and multiple-choice question types. You will have one and half hour to answer the questions. Participants ranked in the top 50 will pass to the next round. The completion time is also one of the evaluation criteria. 

 Final Round – Case Study 

A Case Study will be held in this round. You will be invited to KPMG offices on July 7th and you will be working on the shared dataset. You will be expected to present your models and results to the committee, which has the members with both academic and industrial background.  


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