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Ak Gıda Real Taste of Food Engineering

Ak Gıda

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Détails du programme de talents

“Real Taste of Food Engineering” program by Ak Gıda provides half year French language learning opportunity and 2 years of Master's degree program in the reputable university, ESA (Ecole Superieure D’Agricultures) in France.

During the 2,5 years, you will both study, work and become an expert engineer at the end of the day.

All financial fees will be funding by the Lactalis Groupe. The period following by the “Real Taste of Food Engineering” program, you will start your career in Ak Gıda, Turkey.

Moreover, you will have the chance of getting familiar with the French culture and Lactalis Group's values and ambassadors while bringing the professional perpective of milk technologies.

What are the requirements?

  • Food Engineering fresh graduates or Master’s degree student with food engineering background
  • B2 level English knowledge
  • 2.8 GPA as minimum
  • No military obligation
  • Willing to live in France for 2,5 years

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Images de l'entreprise

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