Unilever - Financial Minds

29 novembre, jeu.

Événement fermé.

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Détails de l'évènement


Financial Minds is an annual event, which is going to take place for the fourth time this year, that has been designed to uncover participants' finance knowledge managerial skills. In the first day of event; teams of four, that are formed randomly among participants, will have to provide a solution to the case and going to present it to Unilever Finance Leadership Team. At the end of the second day, total points for the teams will be calucated, based on their overall performence during both days of the event, and the top three teams will earn exciting prizes! Moreover, throughout the event participants will have the opportunity to get more detailed information about Unilever Finance and to get to know their "future" collegues during carious arrangements, such as a cocktail and a breakfast.

Winners: For Master and 4th year students; direct pass to the new graduation program (UFLP) final recruitment stage, for 3rd year students; direct pass to the internship program (ULIP)  

Application Deadline: 14th Nov.

For further info: financialminds@unilever.com.tr