BSH Analytics for Production Excellence Hackathon

13 mai, sam.

Événement fermé.

 - BSH Analytics for Production Excellence Hackathon cover photo

Détails de l'évènement

BSH is inviting you to Istanbul on 13-14 May to help us analyze our Factory data regarding Production, Maintenance and Quality.

The new analytics perspective or predictions will support the various decisions made by manufacturing supervisors, product designers, factory managers, as well as supply-chain managers. These solutions produce actionable intelligence for decision-makers.

To support our decision makers, We are seeing tremendous potential for data mining and analytics in manufacturing process and we are requesting from you to discover the new world.

To identify the manufacturing process for improvements, you will have ability to access following data:

  • Product Technical Information Production Quantity
  • Number of Failures in production lines and sales area
  • Failure Codes & Descriptions
  • Product Quality Test Results
  • Scrap Products & Reasons
  • Maintenance activities in Production Lines

Data which will be used during Hackathon are fully structured and sourced from several manufacturing executive systems.


  • Only applicants who complete and submit their forms and those who send their CV’s will be considered as nominee.
  • Applicant should be a student (Bachelor's or Master's Degree).
  • Applicant should be studying in Turkey.
  • Domestic transportation and accommodation where event takes place will be provided by BSH.
  • Sadece başvuru formunu doldurup, adresine özgeçmişlerini yollayan arkadaşlar hackathon katılım adayı olabilir.
  • Başvuru yapanların öğrenciliğinin devam etmesi gerekmektedir.(Ön Lisans, Lisans veya Yüksek Lisans).
  • Türkiye'de yaşayan katılımcılar başvuru yapabilirler.
  • Katılımcıların yurtiçi ulaşım ve organizasyonu otelinde konaklamaları BSH tarafından karşılanacaktır.