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Plant Engineers - Let's Shape the Future Together

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Akçansa - Plant Engineers - Let's Shape the Future Together

Let's Shape the Future Together - Plant Engineers

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and become a vital part of the Turkish Building Materials sector's future? Join Akçansa, Turkey's leading building materials company, on a journey that will redefine your professional path!

Join the Let's Shape the Future Together - Plant Engineers Program:

Akçansa proudly presents an exclusive recruitment program designed for passionate individuals like you who aspire to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Building Materials industry in Turkey. Be prepared; this is your chance to leave an indelible mark with us!

About Let's Shape the Future Together - Plant Engineers:

Our program represents a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between your aspirations and the "Future of Work" project at Akçansa, a pioneering force in the building materials sector. Here's your chance to stand out and shine in a dynamic industry.

Job Description

Exciting Positions Awaiting You:

We have carefully identified roles that require your expertise, focusing on plant operations and engineering:

  • Production Engineer – Büyükçekmece Plant
  • Production Engineer – Çanakkale Plant
  • Mechanical Maintenance Engineer – Çanakkale Plant
  • Research and Development Engineer – Büyükçekmece Plant
  • Quarry Engineer – Büyükçekmece Plant

We approach all applications with fairness, prioritizing equality of opportunity. Our approach includes an English Proficiency Exam, Video Interview, Digital Development Center Experience, HR and Departmental Interviews, Field Visits, and Excom Evaluations.


Is This You?

    We're looking for candidates who are recent graduates or possess 1-2 years of relevant work experience. Proficiency in English is essential – you should be able to dream in English! If you've engaged in volunteer work and other projects, you'll be at an advantage. Hold a Master's degree? Fantastic!


    Why Choose Akçansa's Plant Engineers Program:

    Join us for an array of exceptional opportunities:

    • Rotational Experience: Gain insights across various departments at Akçansa, identifying your niche.
    • Orientation and Development: Benefit from tailored Akçansa eVReni and develop both technically and personally.
    • Inclusive Work Environment: Collaborate with a diverse team that values different opinions and encourages free expression.
    • Mentorship: Learn from industry leaders through our business and development mentorship programs.
    • Social Responsibility: Contribute to projects that make a meaningful social impact.
    • Future Together: Participate in our ongoing mission to shape the future of the industry.

    If you're ready to embrace creativity, thirst for success, and commit to continuous learning and collaborative efforts across diverse ecosystems, this program is tailor-made for you. Prepare to work in various cities and locations as part of your journey.

    Apply Now and Shape Your Career with Akçansa!

    Note: For detailed application requirements and procedures, visit our official website.


    Temelleri 1967 ve 1974 yıllarında Akçimento ve Çanakkale Çimento ile atılan ve 1996 yılında bu iki şirketin birleşmesi sonucunda Türkiye’nin en büyük çimento üreticisi konumuna gelen Akçansa, bir Sabancı Holding ve Heidelberg Materials ortak kuruluşudur. Akçansa’nın vizyonu, tüm paydaşları tarafından güvenilen ve en çok tercih edilen iş modeline sahip şirket olarak, yapı malzemeleri sektöründe tüm sınırların ötesinde sürdürülebilir büyümektir.

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