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Tüpraş, Turkey’s sole oil refiner, operates 4 refineries in Izmit, Izmir, Kırıkkale and Batman, with a total annual crude oil processing capacity of 28.1 million tons. It is Turkey’s largest industrial company by revenue and added-value generated. As Europe’s 7th largest refining company, Tüpraş ranks among the most complex refiners in the Mediterranean region, with an average Nelson Complexity Index of 9.5. The main focus of Tüpraş’s strategy is meeting the nation’s need for petroleum products, shaping the sector with its innovative practices and maximizing customer satisfaction. Awards and Achievements • 1st place in Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ISO) 500 Companies, Fortune 500 and Capital 500 listings. • Tupras' Big Data & Analytics Team has been selected as "IT Team of the Year" by Stevie Awards. • 2nd and 4th Place in İMMİB Stars of Export Award Ceremony. • 3 awards to Tüpraş in the competition of “Raising the Productivity of Energy in the Industry Projects”; First Prize with Kırıkkale Refinery “Burner Revision in the CCR Unit Reactor Furnaces” Project and second prize with İzmit Refinery “Plant 33 Unit Naphtha Cycle Project” in the category of SEVAP-3, and second prize with Batman Refinery, Heat Integration Project in the category of SEVAP-2. • Tüpraş has taken place at the top of the list while the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry was determining the 100 biggest industrial enterprises in the region according to the performance displayed for the production sales. • Boğaziçi Business Awards named Tüpraş the “Industrial Company of the Year.” • Tüpraş won the “Best R&D Center” designation at the Fourth Private Sector R&D Centers Summit. • “Achievement Award” by being selected as the best project in the category of Employee Health and Safety-Distinctive HR Projects, in the 10th PERYON Human Value Awards which is organised by PERYON nationwide with the purpose of introducing innovative practises in the field of people management and to support and introduce the exemplary studies to the industry


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