CR Field Operations Business & Support Specialist

Shell - CR Field Operations Business & Support Specialist

In order to support our growth journey in NFR, some of our foundational pillars are expanding Select footprint with new CVPs, launching new deli2go products and implementing new business models in category management. In this growth journey, as Non-Fuel Retail Team, we are targeting to offer the best on the go experience to our customers in our sites & Select shops.

 Link & communication between suppliers, central teams and field teams are crucial for a seamless customer journey in more than 700 Selects and 1100+Shell sites.

To contribute for creating the best customer experience in Shell Non-Fuel Revenues (Select Markets, deli2go products, coffee, Helix Lubricants, etc..), this role acts as the bridge between the Non-Fuel Revenues department, suppliers and the field team. To realize this, successful candidate listens all kinds of requests & feedbacks from field team regarding Non-Fuel Revenues business, makes the right coordination with central teams and over 70 suppliers. S/he acts rapidly to create supplier reports to share regularly with field teams. Moreover, s/he works closely with field teams to keep food safety and HSSE standards at the highest level as a way of doing business.

İlan Tanımı

- For the best customer experience, supporting the field team for supply & availability of deli2go & Shell branded products in coordination with suppliers.

- Sharing & coordinating the logistics of related promo materials.

- Having full knowledge & control for processes related with non-fuel retail suppliers such as logistics, coffee and sandwiches.

- Providing information and support to the field team in terms of food safety issues.

- Overlook the content of the training packages and sharing them with the relevant parties when necessary in order to develop operational practices and ensure operational excellence standards.

- Preparation of necessary reports for deli2go, sandwiches, coffee and related suppliers.

- Prepare & share forecasting format for sandwiches & coffee. Support category managers & supply chain manager for stock levels & forecasting especially in peak times such as eids.

- Acquire a certain level of knowledge about food safety and HSSE.

- Ensuring coordination and cooperation between the relevant field teams and the category for the preparation of competitor analysis.

- Providing the necessary visual materials from the field team to the category teams for supplier meetings

- Sharing the payment performance of dealers to supply chain partner with field teams, sharing the payment delays with the field team and making the necessary coordination to ensure the continuity of the supply.

- Support operations for price transitions, labels, campaign images, etc., at stations with central POS integration.

- Sharing the operational excellence standards of non-fuel revenues to be applied at the stations with the field team.

- Support operations teams preparing the content of the training packages to be shared with the sites and field teams.

- Confirmation and archiving of Select shops, menu-boards, coffee machines and deli2go hot offer contracts signed

- To analyse ATOS records regularly and give inputs to category teams.

- Support field teams and dealers to use ATOS for registration control and system registration.

- Coordination of product supply and opening procedures with field teams and suppliers for new Select openings.



Aranan Nitelikler

- Understanding of customer satisfaction and customer journey concepts

- Understanding of internal and external customer satisfaction

- To have knowledge about retail site operations

- To have knowledge about margin, promotion, income and cost concepts

- Being able to communicate easily with people with different business lines and/or behavioral patterns

- To be able to make high number of phone/telecon calls with many different parties during the day without difficulty

- Having positive approach in human relations and dialogues

- Strong coordination skills

- Have an intermediate level of English

- Good knowledge of MS excel and powerpoint

- Being able to motivate yourself

- Having the ability to empathize

-Understanding of change management



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