About Us

140+ Years of Brand Success

Henkel’s story begins in 1876 with a twenty-eight-year-old merchant who was interested in science: Fritz Henkel. On September 26, 1876, Fritz and two partners founded the company Henkel & Cie in Aachen, Germany and marketed their first product, a universal detergent based on silicate.

Leading positions in industrial & consumer businesses:

Adhesive Technologies

  • There are 17kg of Henkel adhesives In every car
  • Henkel provides the automotive industry with over 300 innovative solutions
  • 15M new born babies wear diapers made with Henkel glue

Beauty Care

  • 70% of Henkel’s beauty sector are Hair Care products
  • Schwarzkopf collaborates with 50 talented influencers that have more than 16 M followers on social media
  • Schwarzkopf Professional works with over 230,000 Salons worlswide

Laundry & Home Care

  • 45% of Henkel’s Laundry & Home Care profits come from new products we launched within the last 3 years1
  • Every year 25 BN wash loads are cleaned with Henkel products
  • You can buy Henkel products globally in over 50 countries

Henkel in Turkey

Henkel has operated in Turkey since 1963. We currently employ 1,500 people. Our local headquarter is located in Istanbul where all our three business units are present. Turkey wide, we operate in 8 Henkel offices including our head office, 3 factories and 4 sales offices. Being a blend of consumer and industrial business, you can easily find interesting opportunities in different fields both on the business and the technical side.

What we offer

We’re one global team at Henkel and internationality is lived on a daily basis. At the Henkel headquarters alone, colleagues from more than 70 nationalities contribute every day to our common purpose: creating sustainable value. A driven team and dynamic career opportunities help you to develop both personally and professionally. Our Triple Two job rotation gives you the unique opportunity to boost your international experience, expand your skill set, and develop a network of expert contacts.

Sustainability at Henkel in Turkey

Henkel’s commitment to leadership in sustainability is deeply embedded in our values. Maintaining a balance between economic success, protection of the environment, and social responsibility has been fundamental to our corporate culture for decades. Henkel's "Discovery World" project, which is being held in different countries around the world, is taking place in Turkey. The aim is to spread love and for children to learn and have fun at the same time.